Life has been a crazy adventure. I grew up on a working farm in Minnesota, fled the North for the warm beaches and Art School in San Diego, graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and then decided to choose the least likely city and move to Nashville. 

In high school I had a close brush with my own mortality that changed the course of my life, as well as deepened my appreciation for each moment here, my faith, and the loved ones who surround me and I am blessed to do life with. As hard and scary as that time was, it gave me the courage and faith to pursue passions that I otherwise would have left as just dreams, leave my hometown and move to cities I'd only imagined. 

Growing up in a farm family with 6 children was a mix of hard manual work, artistic expression and lots of family time. My parents had their money jobs and then their hobbies which included painting, metal sculpting, writing and sewing. Sharing meals was a huge part of our culture and that's where I get my love of gathering humans and creating a safe and warm home. 

That has translated into my life now. I've worked various design and styling jobs, and freelance as a product stylist, creating content for social media, styling/designing events, and of course, creating products for Wild Artifact. I have also joined forces with two of my friends and the amazing movement they started, At Her Table. AHT seeks to help women eliminate the barrier between dreaming and doing, and to create a safe space to facilitate conversation for women to empower women. I get to design and direct the events and watch my vision come to life as rooms fill with women eating, laughing, drinking, and, best of all, connecting. 

I like to think of every day as an adventure. Whether it's a spontaneous road trip, lunch at a new spot with a friend, trying a new recipe, styling a shoot, learning a new skill or even curling up on the couch and reading a book. We only have the time we are present for, we can't count on the next day/week/month/year, so it's best to make it count.

Live well, love wild.  


Photos by the photography goddess Ashtin Paige Yetton.